ungtblodIMG_6196Ungt Blod is danish for Young Blood and it was the name I chose when I started my blog in 2008 for sharing stuff I build and things i design + photographs from my everyday life (you know, like on instagram, just bigger).

Speaking of instagram – we all know what happened to the visual bloggers as Instagram grew, and I am no different. All my content is there now and I would be happy if you would follow me there.

Through the last couple of years my original blog at ungtblod.com grew quiet and unmaintained and in 2019 I had sadly to close it down. What you find here is like an archive of the highlights. It won’t give you the full story, but it might serve as a small trip down memory lane for me and maybe you.

Thank you so so so much to all of you who followed my blog for years and those who stuck around on instagram.

Thank you for visiting
Mette Kærlig Hilsen / Mette Krogsgaard Højlund

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